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Affiliation and Participation: What Fannish Practices Can Tell Us About Building Community in the Writing Center
Black Lives Matter and Black Power
But Is it Service-learning?
Canvas of a Community: The Visual Rhetoric of Black Liberation in Charlotte, North Carolina
Employing Agency: Multiple Perspectives of Material Conditions, Power, and Literacy in a First Year Writing Program
Into The Unknown: A Queer Analysis of the Metaphors in Disney's Frozen Franchise
Performing Student, Teacher, and Tutor of Writing: Negotiating Ideas of Writing in a First-year Writing Course and Writing Center Tutorials
Presidential Eulogies in the Wake of Mass School Shootings: A Call to Action
Psychonautica: Rhetorical Patterns Within Self-Reported Psychedelic Narratives
Reality Collapses, "Real or Not Real?": The Theoretical Consequences of Compromised Authenticity in Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay
Telling Stories for The Last of Us: A Ludonarrative Trauma Analysis
The Multiple Writing Genres of Online Learning: Students' Experience of Writing in the Online Classroom Space
The Rhetorical Importance of Monstrosity: Genre Criticism and "Wuthering Heights"
Visualizing #BostonStrong: Commemorative Implications for a Rhetorical Epithet of Civic Identity
What We Talk About When We Talk About Writer's Identity
us - AM to DM and the Reimagining of Morning Television