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A 360° View of Psychiatric Boarding in the Emergency Department
A Multilevel Analysis of Black Male Secondary School Student Discipline and Achievement in Relation to Violence Exposure
A Phenomenological Inquiry to Understand Environmental Work Factors, Academic Readiness and Supervisory Needs of Interprofessional Collaborative Counselors
A comparative analysis of pro-anorexia versus pro-recovery Instagram images through the lenses of objectified body consciousness and positive body image conceptual frameworks
Alcohol Use and Mental Health Issues In Fifth-Year College Students
Association Between the Affordable Care Act and Emergency Department Admission by Psychiatric Patients
Breaking the data value-privacy paradox in mobile mental health systems through user-centered privacy protection : a web-based survey study
Caregivers’ Role in Youth Functioning Among Bereaved Caregiver-Child Dyads
Contributions of Documentation Status, Spiritual Coping, and Acculturation on the Stress Level of Adult Hispanic Immigrants
Depression, Anxiety, and Perceived Stress During a Pandemic: An Understanding of the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on a University Community
Differences Between Resident Advisors And Undergraduate Residential Students On Resilience, Mental Health, Burnout, And Perceived Stress
Evaluating  Sexual Prejudice Among Substance Abuse Counselors
Examining the roles of neuroticism and extraversion with social support on depression : potential pathways to enhance mental health
Exploring the Relationship Between Military Veterans and Their Attitudes Towards Mental Health Counseling
Factors Related to Weight-Bias Among Counselors
Factors Related to the Use of Play Therapy Among Elementary School Counselors
Identifying Health and Mental Health Needs and Facilitating Access to Care among Youth in Foster Care
Implications and preventions of cyberbullying and social exclusion in social media : systematic review
Me, Myself, and Depression: Identity Construction and Depression
Predicting Positive Career Planning Attitudes Among Division I College Student-Athletes