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2022 report on the experiences of Black students at Atkins Library
2023 report on the experiences of neurodivergent students at Atkins Library
Artivism, virtual workshops, and the pandemic
Beyond assumptions : using design thinking to build better library employee training
Braving our blind spots : using a virtual book discussion group to continue conversations on implicit bias in libraries
Breaking down barriers for student parents and caregivers with family friendly library spaces
Claims returned process : using our values to improve the service
Client/provider relationship: Library as client and art students as provider
Collaborative blogging : a sustainable professional development and networking tool
Conversations that matter : engaging library employees in DEI and cultural humility reflection
Creating an online scientific art exhibit formatted for people with a visual impairment
Creating co-curricular and extracurricular engagement pathways for timely degree completion
Culture of collaborative creation
Extending our reach : integrating librarians and library resources into Canvas
From guest star to director : transitioning from a one-shot model of instruction to a semester-long course on banned books
From matriculation to graduation : alignment of library data with university metrics to quantify library value
How do we publish when our work is collaborative and everyone's too busy?
Implementation of FAST in two digital repositories : breaking silos, unifying subject practices
In-person, remote, or hybrid? Planning a conference that works for all
Inter-institutional mobile hotspot lending program handbook