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"Everyone Wants Their Bifröst": Analyzing Heathen Practice and Radicalization Risks for the U.S. Military
"In His Country's Service:" Irish Catholic Military Participation in the First World War
"¡Dios no Muere!": The Cristo Rey Monument and Church-State Relations in Revolutionary Guanajuato, 1914- 1950.
A Comparative Analysis of Canaanite Temples At Bronze Age Pella and Tell el-Hayyat, Jordan
A Detailed Description of Keldysh's Model of Photoionization
A Public Policy Approach to Status Interventions and Unintended Consequences.
A Qualitative Interview-based Study of the Lived Experiences of North Carolina Community College Students Who Report Food Insecurity
A Qualitative Multiple Case Study Exploring How the Lives of High School Male Students Enrolled in an Alternative Education Program Mediate Their Reading and Writing Inside The English Classroom
A Secure SoC Platform For Security Assessments In FPGASs
Advancing Green Stormwater Infrastructure Through Understanding the Influences of Social Factors
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Risk-Taking Behaviors in College Students: Early Maladaptive Schemas, and Difficulties in Emotion Regulation as Possible Mediators.
An Autoethnography: Culturally Responsive School Leadership Through the Conscientized Critical Lens of an African American Male School Administrator
An Examination of Judicial and Legislative Documents on Indigenous Tribute and Indigenous Strategies used in Negotiations in the Province of Cordoba, Argentina, 1782-1820
An Exploration of Comparability Issues in Educational Research: Scale Linking, Equating, and Propensity Score Weighting
An Integrated Hybrid Thermal Dynamics Model and Energy Aware Optimization Framework for Grid-Interactive Residential Building Management