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Adverse Childhood Experiences and Risk-Taking Behaviors in College Students: Early Maladaptive Schemas, and Difficulties in Emotion Regulation as Possible Mediators.
Caught in the Middle: Middle School Principals' Perceptions of Traditional And Standards-based Grading Practices
Does Fit Matter? An Investigation of Employee-Supervisor Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation Fit on Innovative Work Behavior Within Established Organizations
Exploration of Structure-Property Relationship and Growth Mechanism of 1D Nanowires Using Transmission Electron Microscopy
Exploring the Effects of a Daily Audio-Guided Mindfulness Intervention for Teachers
Gender Diversity, Conflict, and Psychological Safety in Teams: A Conceptual and Empirical Examination
Hierarchical decentralized optimal control and reconfiguration of networked microgrids in the power distribution system
Integrated Facade Simulator: Dynamic Tool to Study The Impact of Solar Radiation on Human Facade Interaction
Modeling The Thermal-Mechanical Effects Of Phase Change Materials In Lightweight Optics
The Effectiveness of Charismatic Signaling by Gender: A Prospective Meta-Analytic Review
The Relationship Between Self-Verification and Emotion Regulation
Toward a Synergetic Organization: The Role of Dynamic Capabilities, Social Capital, and Digital Maturity in Organizational Resilience During Disruption