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"I Received an Inward Showing of Truth"
1948 and the Bounding of Thought: Zionist Discourse, The New Historians, and American Jewish Public Intellectuals, 1950-2020
A Dark Enlightenment: Julius Evola and the Temptation of Esoteric Fascism
A Dream of Burning
A Systematic Approach To Interrater Reliability In Early Childhood Teacher Performance Evaluations
A Thick Cloud of Forgetting: The Functions of Unknowing in the Cloud of Unknowing
A presentation and evaluation of guided-learning activities and program visualization tool, dissav, to teach stack smashing
Abundant Scarcity: How Liberal Democratic Stratification Systems and the Cares Act impacted National School Lunch Program Distribution
An Evidence-Based Digital Nudging In Support Of Health Misinformation Assessment  On Social Media Sites
An Examination of the Criminalization of Mental Illness in North Carolina State Prisons
An Undeveloped Picture Comes Into Focus: The Role of Women in Irish Nationalism, Suffrage, and The Easter Rising
Analysis and Enhancement of Resource-hungry Applications
Analyzing the Effects of Childhood Trauma Exposure and Juvenile Delinquency
Antecedents in Building Resilience: Extending Conservation of Resources Theory
Assimilation & Accommodation: Cognitive Processes Facilitating Posttraumatic Growth and Depreciation After Infidelity
Autonomous Control of an All-terrain Vehicle using Embedded Systems and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Black HBCU Students’ Perceptions Of A Short-Term Heritage-Seeking Immersive Study Abroad Program: Journey To The First Black Republic
Building an Efficient and Scalable Learning System on Heterogeneous Cluster
Characterization of Broadband Optical Functionality of Freeform Optics
Comparative Analysis, Modeling, and Experimental Validation of Current Regulation Strategies for a Grid-Tied Inverter