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Bicultural Context and Metabolic Health
Broadened Horizons: Nature Walks and Reflective Thinking in the Context of Scarcity
Development and Initial Validation of a Comprehensive Model of Forgiveness Following Interpersonal Conflict
Development and Initial Validation of a Comprehensive Model of Scarcity
Development of a preventive mental health intervention tailored for first-generation college students
Development of a theory based text message intervention to promote physical activity among college students
Examining the Associations Among Physical Activity Counseling, Self-Efficacy, and Physical Activity Behavior
Exploring Folk and Traditional Medicine Practices and Self-Care Among Mexican-Americans with Diabetes
Frameworks for Ascribing Meaning: An Examination of Adolescents' Lived Experiences of Illness
Intersectionality of Identity and HIV-Related Stigma
Predictors of Perceived Scarcity: The Impact of Demographic Factors, Objective Socioeconomic Status, and Subjective Social Status
Treating type 2 diabetes using shared medical appointments: Patient satisfaction and perspectives
Understanding and identifying risk factors for individuals experiencing negative psychological outcomes following social media use: A statistical analysis among women without a history of an eating disorder.