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A Meta-Analysis of HPWS and Organizational Commitment: Examining National Culture as a Moderator
An Investigation into Transformational Leadership Behaviors and Signaling Theory
Does the Configurable Approach to Personality Testing Impact Measurement Characteristics? A Measurement Equivalence/Invariance Analysis
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Isomorphism in Measures of Team Constructs
Intersectional Status Beliefs Transfer in Employee Referral Processes
Perceived Racial Discrimination’s Association With Procedural Justice as Moderated by Organizational Efforts to Support Diversity: A Replication and Extension of Triana & García (2009)
Self-Efficacy, Perceived Utility and Supervisor Support’s Relationship with Motivation to Transfer Training
The Effectiveness of Charismatic Signaling by Gender: A Prospective Meta-Analytic Review
Your Work-Family Conflict (WFC) Is Hard on Me Too: Employee Reactions to Coworker WFC