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A Meta-Analysis of HPWS and Organizational Commitment: Examining National Culture as a Moderator
An Investigation into Transformational Leadership Behaviors and Signaling Theory
Differences Between Hispanic and White Job Seekers in Job Search Length, Salary, and the Role of Internship Experience
Does the Configurable Approach to Personality Testing Impact Measurement Characteristics? A Measurement Equivalence/Invariance Analysis
From a Blue-Collar Background: Gender as a Moderator and Attitudes Towards Work and Family as a Mediator on Area of Study Choices
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Isomorphism in Measures of Team Constructs
Intersectional Status Beliefs Transfer in Employee Referral Processes
Perceived Racial Discrimination’s Association With Procedural Justice as Moderated by Organizational Efforts to Support Diversity: A Replication and Extension of Triana & García (2009)
Self-Efficacy, Perceived Utility and Supervisor Support’s Relationship with Motivation to Transfer Training
The Effectiveness of Charismatic Signaling by Gender: A Prospective Meta-Analytic Review
Your Work-Family Conflict (WFC) Is Hard on Me Too: Employee Reactions to Coworker WFC