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Aviatar- An Augmented Reality System to Improve Pilot Performance for Unmanned Aerial Systems
Better modeling of matching possibilities and uncertainty for offline visual multiple object tracking
Deep Learning-based Digital Human Modeling and Applications
Detecting Discrete Emotions in Text Using Neural Networks
Examining Untempered Social Media: Information Mutation on
Generative Machine Learning Models for Airflow Prediction of Architectural Spaces
Investigating the causal link between the stock market and Twitter sentiments using causality models and deep learning methods
Sequence Prediction Applied to BIM Log Data, An Approach to Develop a Command Recommender System for BIM Software Application
Spatially Explicit Hyperparameter Optimization for Neural Networks
TST-IOC: A Text Style Transfer-based Approach to Automatic Intervention of Online Offensive Content on Social Media to Improve Online Safety
Towards AI-Accelerated Volumetric Human Telepresence
Towards Adapting Cognitive Architectures for Knowledgeable & Personalized Dialogue Systems
Towards ai-empowered wireless networks: from edge to core