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Alcohol Use and Mental Health Issues In Fifth-Year College Students
Consistency results in the theory of continuous functions and selective separability
Distance Based Linear Regression Model And Its Application To Microbiome Association Studies
Evaluating  Sexual Prejudice Among Substance Abuse Counselors
Evaluation of Acute Care Providers' Opioid Prescribing Practices in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain
Examining Predictors of Reduction in Drinking Risk Level Among Severe-Risk Trauma Patients Following a Brief Counseling Intervention
Factors Influencing Clinician Decision Making Regarding Opioid Prescribing And Pain Management
Generalized semiparametric varying-coefficient models for longitudinal data
Polymer Mediated Delivery of Oligonucleotide and Trans Genes Toward More Efficient and Specific Therapies for Dystrophinopathies and Dystroglycanopathies
The Effect of Child-Centered Play Therapy on The Externalizing Behaviors of Low Income Male Preschoolers During Group Instructional Time and Center Time:  A Single-Case Design Study
The effects of physical activity and nutrition on the stress management, interpersonal relationships and alcohol consumption of college freshmen