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#RatchetQueerTeacher: Social, Emotional Well-being and  Liberation Through Mindfulness and Hip Hop Thearapy
A Case Study Examination of Male Former Youth Offenders' School Reentry Challenges and Factors Enabling Their Academic Success
Black Women Doctoral Students' Perceptions of Barriers and Facilitators of Persistence and Degree Completion in a Predominately White University
But Is it Service-learning?
Delivery of Remedial Community College Mathematics Instruction in an Emporium Learning Environment: Predicting Academic Success, Persistence, Retention, and Completion
Effects of the Shared Principles of Middle School Philosophy and Culturally Responsive Education on the Academic Achievement of African American Middle School Students
Place co-creation in death care: Opportunities to overcome obstacles to green burial in the United States
Receptivity in a New Immigrant Gateway: Immigrant Settlement Geography, Public Education, and Immigrant Integration in Charlotte, North Carolina