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A photocatalytic facade for air pollution mitigation
Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) as a lens of participatory learning and exposure to environmental racism in the United States
Alternative grading strategies for an anti-Black institution of higher learning
Auditory processing difficulties influence on perceptual learning
Beyond the PCA : a comprehensive review of dimension reduction techniques
Beyond the knowledge economy : social circus as an intersectional avenue to global aesthetics and universal ethics
Bioflavonoid induced oxidative stress as reported by DHE
Cambridge women and the professional world : navigating gender conservatism in the late Victorian era
Characterizing the acoustic signature of a quadrotor in hovering flight
Characterizing the diversity of heat shock proteins in Nematostella vectensis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Civilizing paternalism : Mill, autonomy, and Indian assimilation policies
Commercializing craft : Native American artistry at residential schools within the United States from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century
Community and the built environment : the physical and social consequences of gentrification in Charlotte’s Lockwood
Comparing high-shear, low-CAPE supercell weather events in the Southeastern United States vs. the Great Plains
Comparing volunteer data before and after the COVID-19 pandemic
Crisis for the university student : changing student housing and growing cost burden
Evaluating the impact of working in an online environment
Examining the roles of neuroticism and extraversion with social support on depression : potential pathways to enhance mental health
Examining the social and emotional consequences of the inequity of access to gifted programs : a study using PRISMA methods
Gentrification, housing costs, & healthcare accessibility