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2022 evaluation of Freedom School partners in Charlotte, North Carolina
Adiabatic shear band formation in metallic glasses
An observational analysis quantifying the distance of supercell-boundary interactions in the Great Plains
Association of sleep attitudes with sleep hygiene, duration, and quality : a survey exploration of the moderating effect of age, gender, race, and perceived socioeconomic status
Boundaries in ground beetle (Coleoptera : Carabidae) and environmental variables at the edges of forest patches with residential developments
Charlotte's Hidden Valley : the lived experience
Functionally-interdependent shape-switching nanoparticles with controllable properties
Gender differences affecting the relationship between sleep attitudes, sleep behaviors and sleep outcomes
High fat rodent models of type 2 diabetes : from rodent to human
In fighting common threats, people’s deep commitment to taking collective action matters : examples from China’s COVID‑19 battle and her other combats
Population genomic analyses of the sea urchin Echinometra sp. EZ across an extreme environmental gradient
Predictive maintenance optimization framework for pavement management
Sleep attitudes as a predictor of sleep outcomes : a secondary data analysis
Supporting preservice mathematics teachers’ culturally responsive teaching : a focus on teaching for social justice
Symbiotic life of echinoderm larvae
The complete mitochondrial genome of the sea urchin, Echinometra sp. EZ
The contextual characteristics of violent crime against Native American women
The relative effects of forest amount, forest configuration, and urban matrix quality on forest breeding birds
The socio-ecological factors that influence the adoption of green infrastructure
The traits that predict the magnitude and spatial scale of forest bird responses to urbanization intensity