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2019 evaluation of the Freedom School partners in Charlotte, NC
2022 report on the experiences of Black students at Atkins Library
A comparison of transgenic and wild type soybean seeds : analysis of transcriptome profiles using RNA-Seq
A comparison of web-based and paper-based course evaluations at UNC Charlotte
A high-efficiency low-wearing hybrid voltage regulator for utility applications
A novel machine learning framework for comparison of viral COVID-19–related Sina Weibo and Twitter posts : workflow development and content analysis
A psychometric assessment of a network social capital scale among sexual minority men and gender minority individuals
A review and analysis of school climate measures for school counseling professionals
APE2 promotes DNA damage response pathway from a single-strand break
Accelerated Math evaluation report
Accounting for residential propagule pressure improves prediction of urban plant invasion
Acquired chemoresistance can lead to increased resistance of pancreatic cancer cells to oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus
Ajuga turkestanica increases Notch and Wnt signaling in aged skeletal muscle
An all optical approach for comprehensive in-operando analysis of radiative and nonradiative recombination processes in GaAs double heterostructures
An examination of Twitter data to identify risky sexual practices among youth and young adults in Botswana
An exploratory study of digital inequities and work in the redevelopment of a southeastern American city
Analysis of pollen-specific alternative splicing in Arabidopsis thaliana via semi-quantitative PCR
Arabidopsis bioinformatics resources : the current state, challenges, and priorities for the future
Artivism, virtual workshops, and the pandemic
Assessing guaranteed minimum income benefits and rationality of exercising reset options in variable annuities