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Assessing the impact of curriculum on open and transparent research practices
Association of sleep attitudes with sleep hygiene, duration, and quality : a survey exploration of the moderating effect of age, gender, race, and perceived socioeconomic status
Childhood ADHD, going beyond the brain : a meta-analysis on peripheral physiological markers of the heart and the gut
Examining the roles of neuroticism and extraversion with social support on depression : potential pathways to enhance mental health
Gender differences affecting the relationship between sleep attitudes, sleep behaviors and sleep outcomes
Inflammation–nature’s way to efficiently respond to all types of challenges : implications for understanding and managing "the epidemic" of chronic diseases
Low-dose metformin as a monotherapy does not reduce non-small-cell lung cancer tumor burden in mice
Pay by position
Sleep attitudes as a predictor of sleep outcomes : a secondary data analysis
Task goals constrain interpersonal coordination : evidence from the alignment of speech in dialogues
Visualizing alignment in joint attention
“Making peace” with bodies and sexual selves : changes during COVID-19 among adults in the United States