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COVID-19 pandemic severity, lockdown regimes, and people’s mobility : early evidence from 88 countries
An observational analysis quantifying the distance of supercell-boundary interactions in the Great Plains
Charlotte's Hidden Valley : the lived experience
The relative effects of forest amount, forest configuration, and urban matrix quality on forest breeding birds
The traits that predict the magnitude and spatial scale of forest bird responses to urbanization intensity
The socio-ecological factors that influence the adoption of green infrastructure
Boundaries in ground beetle (Coleoptera : Carabidae) and environmental variables at the edges of forest patches with residential developments
In fighting common threats, people’s deep commitment to taking collective action matters : examples from China’s COVID‑19 battle and her other combats
Spatially explicit landscape-level ecological risks induced by land use and land cover change in a national ecologically representative region in China
The role of skills in Islamic financial innovation : evidence from Bahrain and Malaysia
Daily surveillance of COVID-19 using the prospective space-time scan statistic in the United States
Residential mobility impacts relative risk estimates of space-time clusters of chlamydia in Kalamazoo County, Michigan
Do socioeconomic factors drive Aedes mosquito vectors and their arboviral diseases? A systematic review of dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika virus
Machine learning of spatial data
Comparing high-shear, low-CAPE supercell weather events in the Southeastern United States vs. the Great Plains
Crisis for the university student : changing student housing and growing cost burden
Forest loss is significantly higher near clustered small dams than single large dams per megawatt of hydroelectricity installed in the Brazilian Amazon
Accounting for residential propagule pressure improves prediction of urban plant invasion
An exploratory study of digital inequities and work in the redevelopment of a southeastern American city