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Trauma, Emotional Distress, Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Greek Affiliation, and Year-in-School as Predictors of Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs Among Undergraduate College Students.
Understanding at-risk technology users: a phenomenological approach
Understanding the Career Decision-Making Process for LGBTQ+ College Students of Color at Predominantly White Institutions in the South
Wellness Among Counselors in Training: Examining the Relationship between Trait Emotional Intelligence, Perceptions of Stress, Perceptions of Wellness, and Wellness Behaviors
“It sometimes heals, but it sometimes hurts”; Exploring the issues facing first-generation and immigrant staff caring for immigrant youth in an after-school program
“To Push or Not to Push?”; Exploring Lived Experiences of Former Women Track and Field Student-athletes Who Trained and Competed Through Pain and Injury.
“You Good, Bruh?” An Exploration of the Influence of Race and Masculinity on Millennial Black Men’s Decisions to Seek Mental Health Treatment