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Examining the impact of online case-based discussions on students’ cognitive presence, perceived learning and satisfaction
Examining the inter-rater reliability of evaluators judging teacher performance : proposing an alternative to Cohen’s Kappa
Examining the psychometric properties of the North Carolina Kindergartern Entry Assessment
Excess of genomic defects in a woolly mammoth on Wrangel Island
Exploring the teaching and learning of functions
Face-to-face vs. online asynchronous teaching in a conservation biology course
Field-observed cracking of paired lightweight and normalweight concrete bridge decks
Findings from the 2014 North Carolina kindergarten entry formative assessment pilot
Findings from the 2015 statewide implementation of the North Carolina K-3 formative assessment process : kindergarten entry assessment
Findings from the 2016-2017 North Carolina K-3 formative assessment process implementation case study
First 3 Induction Program 2013 report
First 3 Induction Program 2014 report
First 3 Induction Program report 2015
First 3 effectiveness report
Forest loss is significantly higher near clustered small dams than single large dams per megawatt of hydroelectricity installed in the Brazilian Amazon
Forging the future of a growing institutional repository : leveraging citation databases as a tool for outreach
From STM to nanomemory : a transfer of technology feasibility study
From matriculation to graduation : alignment of library data with university metrics to quantify library value
GSI treatment preserves protein synthesis in C2C12 myotubes
Game design as environmental activism