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Evaluating Co-Creation In Collaborative Drawing Using Creative Thinking Modes
Examining Untempered Social Media: Information Mutation on
Exploring Cyber Threat Hunting Through Interactive Labs
Exploring the Perceptions of Users-as-Beacons Systems: Developing and Deploying Real-Life Prototypes
Exploring the Technological Benefits of VR in Physical Fitness
Faster Convolutional Neural Networks Training
Fine-grained Video Classification for Rare Events
Formal Techniques for Cyber Resilience: Modeling, Synthesis, and Verification
Generalized Coverage Using Multiple Robots: Theory, Algorithms, and Experiments
Granular Emotion Detection for Multi-class Sentiment Analysis in Social Media
Group modeling, recommendation and evaluation in collaborative filtering group-based recommender systems
HIJaX - Human Intent To JavaScript XSS Generator
Hierarchically Structured Recommender System for Improving NPS
High Performance Shortest Paths
Improving Diversity in Conversational Recipe Recommender through Dynamic Critiquing
Integrating Random Linear Code Based Encryption Scheme Rlce Algorithm Into Post-quantum Openssl
Integrating Wavelet Entropy and Binarized Statistical Image Features to Improve Fingerprint Interoperability
Interactive Document Retrieval
Interactive Mining for Large-scale Neuro-Morphological Datasets
Interactive Static Analysis for Application Security