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Genetic architecture of early vigor traits in wild soybean
Genomic alterations and abnormal expression of APE2 in multiple cancers
High fat rodent models of type 2 diabetes : from rodent to human
Image dilution using Harris corner detection and geometric kernels
Impact of electrical topology, capacity factor and line length on economic performance of offshore wind investments
Implementation of FAST in two digital repositories : breaking silos, unifying subject practices
Implications and preventions of cyberbullying and social exclusion in social media : systematic review
In fighting common threats, people’s deep commitment to taking collective action matters : examples from China’s COVID‑19 battle and her other combats
In vivo architecture of the telomerase RNA catalytic core in Trypanosoma brucei
Inflammation–nature’s way to efficiently respond to all types of challenges : implications for understanding and managing "the epidemic" of chronic diseases
Influence of cationic meso-substituted porphyrins on the antimicrobial photodynamic efficacy and cell membrane interaction in Escherichia coli
Introduction to the special issue on social sustainability : integration, context, and governance
Islam and the politics of enchantment
Joint power control and routing for rechargeable wireless sensor networks
Leadership alignment : teachers’ and administrators’ perspectives within two schools
Life-cycle cost optimization of a solar combisystem for residential buildings in Nepal
Low-dose metformin as a monotherapy does not reduce non-small-cell lung cancer tumor burden in mice
Machine learning of spatial data
Meditation, personality, and workplace stress
Mesoporous silica nanoparticles loaded with cisplatin and phthalocyanine for combination chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy in vitro