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Practices in elementary schools to reduce racial stereotypes that impact students’ academic performance
Predictive maintenance optimization framework for pavement management
Present and future proficiency : updating the  ACRL assessment proficiencies to reflect current and coming realities
Process mapping for assessment and collaboration in libraries
Quantifying reproductive behavior in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis
Regenerative facade
Rethinking resources : personalizing open access outreach by discipline
Revenge pornography : an examination of state statute inconsistencies
Second line to front line
Seeking the seeker : frameworks for understanding Islamic commodities
Shaping s-curves : choreographic process
Students, in the academic library, with a white noise machine
Submicroscopic infection and G6PD deficiency in malaria patients
Supporting community care through a self-care collection at an academic library
Supporting professional development and work-life balance : a new approach to conferences
Task goals constrain interpersonal coordination : evidence from the alignment of speech in dialogues
Teacher perspectives on social justice practices in English language arts (ELA)
Teachers’ and principals’ perspectives of leadership : a search for within-school alignment
The impact of educational reforms on Russian women from 1850-1900 : obtaining a higher education with the help of socialism
The impact of reading and writing during the Siege of Sarajevo