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Attribution Theory and Apology Discourse in the Context of Medical Errors
Barriers and Facilitators to Alcohol Reduction in an Integrated Care Intervention Among Individuals with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus
Behavioral Displays of Femininity: Does Apologizing Undercut Perceptions of Women at Work?
Broadened Horizons: Nature Walks and Reflective Thinking in the Context of Scarcity
Building Healthy Communities: An Exploration of a Place-based Initiative, Participant Characteristics, and Preliminary Outcomes
Can posttraumatic growth protect the mental and physical health of prostate cancer survivors?
Caregivers’ Role in Youth Functioning Among Bereaved Caregiver-Child Dyads
Change-oriented safety behavior in high reliability organizations: Meta-analyzing the social context
Changing the Conversation on Passive and Active Job Seekers: A Continuum-Based Approach
Cognitive, Attitudinal, and Behavioral Predictors of College Sleep and Health
Cognitive, affective, and personality predictors of confirmatory political information seeking
Correlates, Predictors, and Consequences of Family Weight Talk among School-Aged Children
Cyber Victimization and Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in Emerging Adults
Determining Children’s ‘Best Interests’ in High-conflict Custody Cases: Examining Program Processes in Custody Advocacy
Development and Initial Validation of a Comprehensive Model of Scarcity
Development of a preventive mental health intervention tailored for first-generation college students
Development of a theory based text message intervention to promote physical activity among college students
Diagnostic and Psychosocial Predictors of Excessive Exercise Use among Adolescents with Symptoms of Anorexia or Bulimia
Differentiating the domains of dirty work in animal euthanasia
Do video games reduce or induce stress? The effect of challenge and threat appraisals on stress and aggression when playing violent and nonviolent video games