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In search of a predictive model for aflatoxin insurance claims based on temperature data
Leadership alignment : teachers’ and administrators’ perspectives within two schools
Meditation, personality, and workplace stress
Modeling of ssDNA binding protein structures
ModuleLog : module based approach to anomaly detection in parallel file system logs
Molecular mechanisms underlying glial inflammatory responses to Neisseria meningitidis
Pay by position
Practice what they preach? : how pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy in culturally relevant teaching practices aligns with their perceptions of diversity
Practices in elementary schools to reduce racial stereotypes that impact students’ academic performance
Quantifying reproductive behavior in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis
Racial bias in traffic stops : the City of Charlotte
Regenerative facade
Revenge pornography : an examination of state statute inconsistencies
Submicroscopic infection and G6PD deficiency in malaria patients
Task goals constrain interpersonal coordination : evidence from the alignment of speech in dialogues
Teacher perspectives on social justice practices in English language arts (ELA)
Teachers’ and principals’ perspectives of leadership : a search for within-school alignment
The criminal cannibal : examining the similarities of cannibalistic offenders
The impact of educational reforms on Russian women from 1850-1900 : obtaining a higher education with the help of socialism
The study of COVID-19 within the state of North Carolina in the United States