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Associations between perceived value of exclusive breastfeeding among pregnant women in the United States and exclusive breastfeeding to three and six months postpartum : a prospective study
Atkins Library open access publishing whitepaper
Auditory processing difficulties influence on perceptual learning
Beyond the knowledge economy : social circus as an intersectional avenue to global aesthetics and universal ethics
Boundaries in ground beetle (Coleoptera : Carabidae) and environmental variables at the edges of forest patches with residential developments
Breaking the data value-privacy paradox in mobile mental health systems through user-centered privacy protection : a web-based survey study
Bring your own born-digital (BYOBD) ingesting digital media when you don't have a budget
Building a brand and telling a story in perpetual crisis : launching a sustainable archives marketing strategy
COVID-19 pandemic severity, lockdown regimes, and people’s mobility : early evidence from 88 countries
Cambridge women and the professional world : navigating gender conservatism in the late Victorian era
Cell cycle arrest in G2/M phase enhances replication of interferon-sensitive cytoplasmic RNA viruses via inhibition of antiviral gene expression
Cellular bioreactivity of micro- and nano-plastic particles in oysters
Challenges and opportunities for heritage language learners in interpreting courses in the U.S. context
Characterization of the cytokinin-responsive transcriptome in rice
Childhood ADHD, going beyond the brain : a meta-analysis on peripheral physiological markers of the heart and the gut
Client/provider relationship: Library as client and art students as provider
Closed-form solution for a cantilevered sectorial plate subjected to a tip concentrated force
Combining oncolytic virotherapy with p53 tumor suppressor gene therapy
Commonality of functional annotation : a method for prioritization of candidate genes from genome-wide linkage studies
Community and the built environment : the physical and social consequences of gentrification in Charlotte’s Lockwood