Atkins Library has security staff on duty during all hours that the Library is in operation. The security staff performs regular patrols of the building to ensure the safety of students and staff. They also manage the Library’s security systems, oversee card access to the facility, and manage lost and found items.

Library Security Office: 704-687-1120
Thomas Drogan, Library Security Coordinator: 704-687-1119

Security Tips and Tricks:

  • Never leave your personal items unattended. We appreciate that you feel safe when using the Library, but there is always a risk that someone will take your phone, computer, books or book bag.
  • Walk with a friend when coming to and leaving the Library. Use well-lighted paths and stay alert to your surroundings. Don’t talk on or use your phone when walking; phones can distract you and make you vulnerable.
  • Report suspicious activities in the Library to our security staff. Ask them for assistance if you have problems with noisy or otherwise bothersome people who are disrupting your studying.


What To Do In Different Scenarios:

  • If you have had something stolen, report it to our security staff as soon as possible. The Library has security cameras that can possibly assist in catching the thief and getting stolen property back to its owner.
  • Lost and found items are logged and kept in our security office. Contact our security staff for inquires about lost items; we will do our best to locate your item if possible.
  • Contact our security staff if anyone has made you uncomfortable or disrupted your ability to study. Examples: Threatening behavior, unwanted attention, sexually inappropriate behavior, etc.