Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Atkins Library Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Atkins Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee focuses its initiatives on developing concrete steps for staff to increase their understanding of diversity issues and facilitating opportunities for broadening awareness of diversity as an essential way of creating a fair and open-minded work environment. The Diversity/Inclusion Committee provides leadership and guidance to the Library by encouraging awareness about and discussions of diversity and inclusion.


Conversations That Matter

The Atkins Library Diversity & Inclusion Committee hosts Conversations That Matter, a forum that allows all Atkins Library employees to participate in a discussion about diversity and inclusion. Topics of each session vary, welcoming open dialogue that includes the very broad scope of diversity such as race, gender, age, education, and any other topics having a connection to diversity and inclusion.


Black History Month Event

The Atkins Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee collaborated with “Atkins Out Loud,” an initiative of the Library’s Board of Advisors,that brings performances from students, faculty, and the community to Atkins Library. During Black History Month, Voices of Eden, UNC Charlotte’s  student gospel choir, performed in the library.


Diversity Workshop

Atkins Library will hosts a Diversity Workshop on Micro and Macro Aggression for Library Faculty and Staff. Dr. Gloria Campbell-Whatley of the College of Education will work with library employees.


Women’s Month

Atkins Library will host author Bryn Chancellor for a discussion of her book, Sycamore. The book discussion is sponsored by the SSGD (Self-Selected Group Development), and Initiative of the Staff Development and Activities Committee at Atkins Library.


Diversity Day

Atkins Library hosted Diversity Day 2019 on February 28, 2019. This day long event, held on the campus of UNC Charlotte, featured a keynote presentation by Marke Puente, Director of Diversity and Leadership Programs at the Association of Research Libraries. The program also included a series of presentations by educators and professionals from the community and across the nation.