Checkouts, Returns, Renewals

Checkouts, Returns, Renewals

Check Outs

Atkins library items may be checked out at the 1st floor Circulation Desk. The architectural collection items in the Storrs Building may be checked out at the Circulation Desk located there.

There is no limit to the amount of items a university patron may check out. Non-university patrons are limited to a 6 item check out.

Suzuki, Local Documents, Microfilm, and Microfiche items are for in-house use only.

Loan Periods

General Collections in Atkins and Architecture Libraries
Status Loan Period # Renewals # Items Place Recalls
Faculty, Postdocs, Staff* 180 days 2 unlimited yes
PhD Students* 180 days 2 unlimited yes
Graduate, Distance Ed* 60 days 2 unlimited yes
Undergraduates 21 days 2 unlimited yes
All other borrowers 21 days 2 6 no


*Patrons who have longer borrowing periods than 21 days may have their loan shortened by a recall from another
user. The only guaranteed loan period is 21 days.


Unique Loan Periods
Item Loan Period # of Renewals
CIMC 21 Days 2
Videos, DVD's, CD's 7 Days 2
Technology* 7 Days 2
Video Games 3 hours 0
Periodicals** 2 Days 2
Laptops, iPads, Calculators 24 hours No
Reserve 1 or 3 hours; 1,3 or 7 days No
Popular Reading 21 Days 2
Tests & Assessments*** 3 days No


 *Due to limited quantities or high demand of video equipment (video cameras and camcorders), patrons can only check out one of these items at a time.
**Periodicals checkouts are only for faculty, staff, and Ph.D. students
***For more information on Tests & Assessments, see our guide.


Patrons can return items to Atkins Library at the Circulation Desk, outside book drops, or inside book drops located at the Circulation Desk and the north entrance. Several other book drops are located across campus. Books may also be returned to the Architecture library located in the Storrs Building.

Book drop map

Date Due

All borrowers are informed of the date due of each item at check out. The borrower is responsible for complying with this date. A courtesy reminder will be sent 7 days before the due date. Failure to receive an overdue reminder, for whatever reason, does not relieve the borrower of financial responsibility of overdue material.


Items checked out from general collections may be renewed up to two times. Renewals may become limited if another borrower places a recall on the item you have checked out or if your checked out item becomes 30 days overdue.

UNC Charlotte students, faculty, and staff may renew items by:

  • Logging into My Account
  • Calling the Circulation Desk at 704.687.0491
  • Bringing the item to the Circulation Desk

Community borrowers may renew items by:

  • Calling the Circulation Desk at 704.687.0491
  • Bringing the item to the Circulation Desk

If you still require an item beyond the loan period of two renewals, please bring the item to the Circulation Desk and a staff member will assist you.